‘Culture Geist’ in ‘Military Exercise’

"Check out these resident Las Vegas, B-Boy dancers showing us a little bit of what the US Military of present day is capable of, with their stellar B-Boy moves"

~ The Viceroy of Vice


MUSIC CREDIT: What You've Done by Martin Ikin Courtesy of OFF Label Recordings

Random Sillyness

We actually shot a second take featuring Las Vegas dance troupe, Culture Geist, as they danced to save the Elephants with the sounds of DJ NOISIBOI - check out the moves! They're most definitely 'Sicker than Average' ~


Cherokee Edyn as The Forest Faerie!
"The Viceroy of Vice has an infinity for Faeries, he's not sure why perhaps it's their cheeky faces or likelihood to create mischief, who knows but here's one of favorite Faerie performers dancing to some jolly good Dum & Bass! " ~ The Archduke of Awesome 

MUSIC CREDIT: On Fire by Same Louis (JackEL Remix) Courtesy of Angel Play Records.


The Unassuming Gentlemen judging go go dancers in las vegas

"Meet Terry Tequila & Skully, two alcoholic pirates who never much liked each other back in the 1600s that are stuck with each other- forever."


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